Selasa, 09 Maret 2010



Zebra is a beast of a horse that his family striped black and white. The spread of habitats in South Africa, West Africa and East Africa. There are three types of zebra: mountain zebra, plains zebra and the zebra primitive.
Scientific Name: Equus zebra zebra for a mountain; for zebra Equus quagga and plains zebra, Equus grevyi for primitive. The stripes on a zebra's body Caused by Raihan Prhadana can help defense system against predator.Belang zebra zebra can be confusing predator.Zebra have "disruptive color" like a tree frog and a snake-killer. Zebra stripes on the body of the animal broke the flat contour, to disguise the original form of moving zebra.Ketika zebra, the pattern was more puzzling. Unlike the usual plain horse. Scientists think the stripes on a zebra is because of evolution, both variation and natural selection.