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Giraffe (giraffa camelopardalis) is the even-toed mammals endemic to Africa and is the highest animal species that live on land. Males can reach a high 4.8 to 5.5 meters and a weight that can reach 1360 pounds. The female giraffe is usually slightly shorter and lighter.
The giraffe is related to deer and cattle, but from different tribes, namely Giraffidae which include giraffe own and his next of kin, Okapi. Natural habitat surrounding the area from Chad to South Africa
Camelopardalis species name is taken from the name in Latin, because it is considered as a hybrid camels (camel) and panther (leopard). Camelopardalis name used by Pliny in free senior wrote. The name is also used as the name of one of the constellations. The name "giraffe" itself borrowed from the animal's name in Arabic (الزرافة, giraffe).

There are nine generally accepted subspecies, differentiated by color and pattern variations:

    * Giraffe Somalia (GC reticulata) or Reticulated Giraffe

    Brown spots reddish surrounded by bright white lines, forming patterns like mesh of polygons that big. Spots can continue to foot. Habitat: northeastern Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia.

    * Giraffe Angola (GC angolensis) or Smoky Giraffe

    Large patches and small irregularly. Patches continued to below the knee. Habitat: Angola, Zambia.

    * Giraffe Kordofan (G.c. antiquorum)

    Small spots, more irregular and there are at the foot of the inner part. Habitat: western Sudan and southwest.

    * Giraffe Masai or Kilimanjaro Giraffe (GC tippelskirchi)

    Patches shaped like grape leaves, dark brown with an uneven edge, surrounded by yellow lines. Habitat: Kenya central and southern Tanzania.

    * Nubian Giraffe (G.c. camelopardalis)

    Spots almost rectangular-shaped, light brown on cream-colored base. Foot inside and below the knee free of stains. Habitat: eastern Sudan, northeast Congo.

    * Rothschild giraffe, called Baringo Giraffe or Ugandan Giraffe (GC rothschildi)

    Rectangular patches with gradiasi beige background color at the edges. Spots could get to the bottom of the knee. Habitat: Uganda, Kenya to the middle east.

    * Giraffe South Africa (G.c. giraffa)

    Circular patches or leopard-spotted, some of which form a pattern like stars. Background color of brown spots of light. Leopard spots or get to the soles of the feet. Habitat: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

    * Giraffe Thornicroft or Rhodesian Giraffe (GC thornicrofti)

    Star-shaped spots or leaf, extend to the lower leg. Habitat: eastern Zambia

    * West African giraffe or Nigerian Giraffe (GC Peralta)

    Red spots pale yellow. Habitat: Chad.