Selasa, 09 Maret 2010


Dogs are carnivorous mammals that have been experienced since the domestication of wolves 15,000 years ago [2] or may have since 100,000 years ago based on genetic evidence and fossil discoveries of DNA testing. [3] Another study revealed that dog domestication history not so long. [4] [5] [6]

The dog has developed into hundreds of races with different variations, ranging from the dog's height as several tens of centimeters Irish Wolfhound Chihuahua to a high of more than one meter. Dog coat color can be varied, ranging from white to black, also red, gray (often called "blue"), and chocolate. In addition, dogs have different types of fur, ranging from very short to the length can reach several centimeters. Dog hair can be straight or curly, and coarse-textured till soft as wool.

Dogs are social animals just like humans. Proximity patterns of human behavior makes a dog a dog can be trained, to play, to live with humans, and invited bersosialiasi with humans and other dogs. The dog has a unique position in the relationship between species. Loyalty and devotion that dogs indicated very similar to the human concept of love and friendship. Despite the dog's natural instincts as a group of animals, dog owners greatly appreciate the loyalty and devotion of dogs and regard it as their own family members. Dog often to be given the same family name as the name of the owner. In contrast, dogs think humans as members of the group. The dog just bit the distinguished position with fellow dog owners who are still one group, and often do not distinguish at all.