Selasa, 09 Maret 2010


The bear has a small tail, sense of smell and hearing are excellent, five nails per palm of the hand that can not be drawn in, and long hair, thick and rough. They have broad paws, long snout and rounded ears. His teeth are used for defense and tools and depending on the food. Nails are used to tear, dig, and catching. Pengelihatan bears almost the same as human pengelihatan. Black bears and the like, not color blind, which allows them to differentiate.
Depending on the species, bears can have 32 to 42 teeth. Bears no specialized teeth for killing prey mereka.Gigi bear fangs are relatively small and are generally used for self defense or a tool. Big bear molars, flat and used for cutting and grinding the plants into smaller pieces that can be digested.
The bear has four paws. Each paw has five sharp nails and long. Nails can be used to climb trees, tore termite nests and honeycomb, digging roots, or catch prey, depending on the species. Do not underestimate the bear, can run to reach speeds of 50 km / h (30 mph). Bear can also move with flexible and agile.
Bear fur long and rough. Coat color varies depending on the species. There is a white, blonde or beige, black and white, to black or brown all all. Bears fur color also varies, although they are one species. For example, black bears may be the American black, brown, reddish brown, or bluish-black. Some species, such as the sun bear and spectacled bear has a brightly colored chest with facial markings.
In all bear species, males larger than females. Differences between the sexes is, the greater the larger species. Male polar bears weigh two times larger than females, while the male species smaller bear almost equal weight females. Bears can live around 25 years to 40 years. Bears that live in the forest, die sooner than those who live in a zoo.
There are many different kinds of bears such as polar bears, brown bears, black bears, pandas, etc..